Podiatry is a medical specialty that diagnoses and treats diseases and disorders of the foot and ankle. The human foot is a complex structure that is increasingly susceptible to injuries, diseases, and other health issues from conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Many practitioners with a background in podiatric medicine tend to focus their time and energy on particular specialties within the field, such as surgery, sports medicine, biomechanics, geriatric care, pediatrics, orthopedics, or primary care. The podiatrists at Plano Surgical Hospital are knowledgeable in many of these areas, and they work diligently to ensure each patient receives comprehensive care that meets their needs.

At Plano Surgical Hospital, the end goal is to get patients back to living their life to the fullest. In order to accomplish this goal, our team of specialists considers nonsurgical and surgical procedures. Below are just a few procedures performed by the medical professionals at Plano Surgical Hospital:

  • Bunionectomy¬†
  • Hammer Toe Surgery
  • Heel Surgery
  • Metatarsal Surgery
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Tendon Surgery
  • And more