P5 Performance

P5 Performance is a leading healthcare clinic that offers a number of alternative therapies for patients recovering from an injury, surgery, or disease. Through P5 Performance's comprehensive wellness programs, patients can receive world-class care from some of the region's best physicians and performance specialists. P5 Performance services the Plano community under one roof, offering physical rehabilitation, functional medicine, fitness/performance training, chiropractic care, cryotherapy, IV vitamin therapy, bio-identical hormone therapy, and regenerative medicine. 

These therapies and wellness programs complement some of the treatment modalities offered at Plano Surgical Hospital perfectly. For example, patients recovering from spinal surgery may benefit from physical rehabilitation, chiropractic care (once approved by a Plano Surgical Hospital physician), and regenerative medicine for improved healing. Whether your goal is to lose weight or achieve optimal health, the team at P5 Performance is here to help you achieve the stronger, healthier, and happier lifestyle you deserve! 

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