NueStep's Podiatry Decompression Procedure

NueStep is a minimally invasive procedure that treats painful nerve entrapment of the foot. The NueStep procedure is one of the most advanced ways to treat debilitating foot and ankle pain. As such, the podiatrists at Plano Surgical Hospital take great pride in being expertly trained in this nerve decompression procedure. While NueStep is most commonly known for its nerve entrapment surgery, the NueStep approach also includes other minimally invasive treatments for conditions affecting the heel, foot, or ankle, including endoscopic plantar fascia release surgery.

As partner physicians of NueStep, we offer this specialized care to patients suffering from painful nerve entrapment of the foot. We understand that other foot and ankle-related conditions can limit mobility and affect a patient's quality of life. Our team of foot specialists is dedicated to treating your pain, using NueStep or other advanced treatment options.

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