Migraine Treatment Centers of America's Omega Procedure

Migraine Treatment Centers of America is a network of leading interventional pain management experts who specialize in the treatment of migraine headaches and other facial neuropathies. This association is committed to providing physicians and their patients with world-renowned pain therapies, including the highly acclaimed Omega Procedure.

At Plano Surgical Hospital, physicians have access to the Omega Procedure, which is an innovative surgical procedure that mitigates severe, chronic headaches through neurostimulation. Patients with the following conditions may be considered candidates for the Omega Procedure: migraine headaches, tension headaches, cluster headaches, new daily persistent headaches (NDPH), occipital neuralgia, complex regional pain syndrome, trigeminal neuralgia, and more. According to a study lead by researchers from Louisiana State University’s Health Sciences Center, the Omega migraine procedure can produce an 80-90% success rate for patients with certain types of chronic migraine.

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